RLRC Original | Louisiana’s Worst Serial Killer Part 2

In this episode of Real Life, Real Crime, Woody continues the story of Louisiana's worst serial killer.

Woody delves into the autopsy findings and evidence related to the murders. They explain that the victims were gagged and tied up before being killed.

Woody then focuses on the suspicious behavior of Nathaniel Code, the grandson of the murder victim. They reveal that Nathaniel's fingerprints were found on the murder weapons, and discuss his financial troubles and involvement with drugs.

Woody highlights the key aspects pointed out by Special Agent Douglas, including the use of electrical appliances and the ritualistic nature of the murders. Nathaniel Code is eventually found guilty and sentenced to death, with aggravating circumstances taken into account.

Woody concludes by mentioning the change in leadership in Louisiana and suggest that Code may finally be executed after 40 years on death row.


0:04:08 Professional-grade tape used in mysterious crime

0:06:54 The unsolved case of William Code and missing boys

0:10:39 Shocking Discovery: Bound Foot and Disturbing Scene

0:14:54 The Chilling Act of Strangulation

0:15:57 Tying the Pieces Together: The Details of the Crime

0:17:28 Medium Velocity Blood Spatter on the Wall

0:20:11 Overkill and Emotional Relationship Shown in William Coates' Murder

0:23:40 Suspicion surrounding Nathaniel Code's behavior and actions

0:26:09 Nathaniel Code's questionable account of his actions on the night of the crime

0:28:41 Nathaniel Code's statement at the police station raises suspicion

0:31:07 Nathaniel Code arrested and questioned about the Cheney homicides

0:34:02 Grandfather's Murder and Cold-Blooded Actions

0:49:08 Supporting LOPA.org

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